Monday, May 27, 2013

Rusmur flooring strikes again!!!!!!!!

Rusmur flooring strikes again!!!!!!!!

Stopped by the house to check on the progress of the flooring and bathroom tile.  I was very disappointed with Rusmur flooring first off they did not continue the laminate down the one hallway.  I called our PM and he said he would call Rusmur.  About an hour later  I received a call from Rusmur and there representative said he did not see on the order form where I paid for the additional laminate. I told him to look thru his paper work that there was a change order.  About an hour latter he called back and said he had found the change and would have someone come out and install the additional flooring.  Well just when I figured we had Rusmur all straightened out my daughter points out to me that they covered the heating vent with the laminate. I can't believe someone could not see this vent and cover it up.  The part that got to me the most was the terrible tile work they did in the master bath (see pic below) again I wouldn't believe a craftsman would leave work like this.  The pm is going to stop on Tuesday to take a look at this. I am quite sure it will be handled but it never should have been done this way in the first place.

master bath tile work  

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  1. The tile work looks terrible, just terrible.
    How can they expect to get away with that?

    I would make sure the send installer to do the work.